Plastics extrusion is a high-volume manufacturing process in which raw plastic is melted and formed into a continuous profile. Extrusion produces items such as pipe/tubing, weatherstripping, fencing, deck railings, window frames, plastic films and sheeting, thermoplastic coatings, and wire insulation

Since 1972, Tasman Machinery has represented some of the most famous names in the extrusion industry. Names such as Dynisco, and Xaloy have been around since the founding of the plastics extrusion industry.

Labtech Engineering and Dynisco Polymer Testing are well known in the laboratory, and research sectors, while the Nordson Group of companies excel in the large throughput manufacturing and polymerization sectors.

For decades, Dynisco has been a global leader providing innovative solutions for materials testing and extrusion-control monitoring for the plastics industry. Among our early pioneering achievements was the first transducer to successfully measure melt pressure during the extrusion process. Today, Dynisco offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive product offerings, as well as a vast wealth of knowledge and problem-solving expertise gained from more than 50 years serving the industry. Dynisco Sensors provide some of the most innovative measurement solutions for plastics extrusion, molding, and process control applications in the world, offering hundreds of models of transducers and transmitters utilizing the latest sensing technologies. Dynisco Analytical Instruments are used around the world for testing the physical, mechanical, thermal and flammability properties of polymers. Our bench-scale processing instruments are used to prepare test specimens or evaluate the processability of materials

Labtech Engineering is a world leading manufacturer of durable, precise and innovative laboratory equipment for the plastics industry. Labtech builds equipment to the highest quality standards and in strict conformity to CE and all other world safety norms. Our products include Two-Roll Mills, Rubber Mills, Hydraulic and Electric Presses, Single Screw and Twin Screw extruders, Chill Roll Film and Sheet Casting Lines, Blown Film Lines, Filter Test, Mixers, and more.

Labtech’s reputation globally is one of highest quality equipment available, with the advantages of an Asian HQ. 

Labtech has for 30 years been Swedish owned and managed from Thailand.

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Nordson Xaloy is regarded the global leader in high-performance plastics processin componentry across the plastics industry.
Nordson is the OEM supplier supply of screws & barrels to many of the industry leaders. Whether you are needing simple like for like replcament, or needing an engineered solution to a processsing problem, Nordson Xaloys experince is there for you.

Nordson Kreenborg offer a full range of screen changers and gear pumps for the extrusion and polymer processing industries. Whether needing small throughput, simple gear pumps & screen changers, or needing top of the range continuous, back flush screen changers or gear pumps for unique poylmers, Nordson Kreyenborg's reputation preceeds them.

Nordson BKG Pelletizers offer a full range of pelletizers for plastics manufacturers, whether in the recycling industrty, or compounding, or masterbatch manufacturer. BKG offer state of the art pelletizers, when relaibility and quality is of foremost importance.

IDE Extrusion Systems have been supplying stand alone extruders, and downstream equipment to the plastics extrusion industry for over 55 years!
For those in the profile extrusion industry IDE offer a full range of anciallry equipment, including coextruders, cooling units, haul offs, punching units, saw units, tipping tables, and tooling.

For Extruders IDE offer a full range of single screw extruders, suitable for a full range of thermoplastics, from 20 thru to 120mm an L/D ratio’s from 20 thru to 37.
For co extruders, Ide offer a universal, swivel mounted design, allowing centreline adjustment from 400mm thru to 1300mm. Co extruders are available from 20mm thru to 60mm and 20L/D thru to 30L/D.

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