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At Tasman Machinery, we believe that for our customers to succeed on the world stage, we must supply them with the leading plastics processing technologies from across the globe.

Whether it is all electric injection moulding machines from Sumitomo Demag, or ultra high speed take out robots from Yushin, our customers in the injection moulding sector are reaping the rewards of investing in leading technologies.

In the blow moulding sector, Aoki injection stretch blow machines are world renowned for their innovation and ability to produce PET bottles and containers for the lowest possible unit costs. Meanwhile in extrusion blow moulding, Plastiblow have always been at the forefront of the development of all electric solutions for the blow moulding sector.

Across extrusion, vacuum forming, & thermoforming, we represent some of the most famous names, including, Dynisco, Formech, GN Plastics, Nordson, Tool temp, Xaloy, & Kryenborg.

Our team of sales, processing experts, and back up service technicians are here to help you. We look forward to working with you.


Our All Electric SE EVA Series, offering incredibly smooth, eneregy efficent, & precise production. The Ulimate in productivity!

D.I.Wire PRO Introduction

Formech check out kayak accessory manufacturers, Berley Pro

Sumitomo Demag IntElect

See what happens when a Granny Smith Apple meets the all New intellect.

Sumitomo Demag

96 Caps moulding in under 1,9 seconds

Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming simply explained in one minute with Formech

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