SML-C Series Compact Line

SML-C-series compact Herbold granulators are specially designed for applications where maximum noise reduction is important. They can be used as beside-the-press granulators next to blow moulding and injection moulding automatics, for in-line processing of film and thermoforming, as central granulators for the low-noise size reduction in the production area.

The SML-C-series has the typical advantages of all the Herbold granulators:

Sturdy welded steel construction
The housing is divided at an inclined angle
The bearings are completely separated from the cutting chamber
The rotor and bed knives can be adjusted outside of the granulator


sml c img


SML 22/30C 8.7 x 11.8   1,330 130-440 10-15
SML 35/42C 12.6 x 16.5   2,200 170-880 20-25
SML 35/70C 12.6 x 25.6   3,960 264-1,760 29-40
SML 45/70C 17.5 x 25.6   5,520 440-2,640 50-60
SML 45/101C 17.5 x 39.4   8,270 880-3,300 75-100



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