Heavy Pipe & Profile Granulators SMR

Herbold Series SMR heavy profile / pipe granulators with feed trough offer a special design for the size reduction of long and thick-walled pipes, start-up lumps, and bundles of profiles.

Materials are fed into the feed trough via a fork-lift or a crane. If the pipe granulator is supplied with a storage trough, the whole feeding process can be automated. During the feeding process the grinding chamber of the granulator is closed towards the feed trough by means of a gate valve. No material can fly out of the machine at any stage during the grinding process. As soon as the feeding trough is full, it is hydraulically closed. A feeding ram pushes the pipes or plates into the grinding chamber. The rotor grips the material and reduces it. An accordingly designed suction unit transports the material into silos or other storage containers. Special attention to sound installation allows the SMR to located near the extrusion line.

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