Injection Moulding

The injection moulding process comprises of many parts. Click on any of the active links below to view our range of products.

  • Injection moulding machines
  • Mould labelling and automation systems
  • Take out robots and sprue pickers
  • Temperature controllers and chillers
  • Screws and barrels
  • Machine and tool sprays and aerosols
  • Desiccant dryers
  • Granulators
  • Conveyors and automatic sorting systems
  • Material handling and drying equipment

Tasman Machinery proudly represents many market leaders in the injection moulding sector. Including, Sumitomo-Demag, the acknowledged world leader in all electric injection moulding machines.

Our range of robotics is impressive. Yushin is Japan’s largest manufacturer of robots for the injection moulding sector. IMDECOL is a proven leader in the fast growing in mould labelling sector.

Names, such as Tool Temp die heaters & Slide tool and machine maintenance sprays are popular across the industry for their expertise, quality and value.

With over 100,000 machines installed globally, there is hardly an application that Sumitomo (SHI) Demag has not dealt with.

Across all injection moulding sectors our expertise is world renowned.

Our machine range is amongst the largest available, from 35 tonnes, thru to 1500 tonnes. Sumitomo (SHI Demag can offer all electric drives, hybrid solutions, or economical hydraulic solutions. We have factories, located around the world, including, Germany, Japan, and China.

With hundreds of Machines in operation across Australia and New Zealand, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag are an acknowledged market leader in our region

Within the Australia and New Zealand markets we have a strong focus on the below sectors, and we can offer turnkey solutions, including tooling, and automation.

With experienced technical & sales staff within Tasman Machinery, along with specialized teams of experts within Sumitomo (SHI) Demag we can provide the latest technologies to help you succeed.

IMDECOL is recognized as one of the very top companies in the In Mould Labelling (IML) sector world-wide. IMDECOL has well established relationship and co-operation with leading mold and injection machines manufacturers. IMDECOL core business is fully automated solutions from molding machine to “ready to sell” product including, IML systems, take out & stacking, & complete packaging systems. Within Australia and NZ IMDECOL has forged a strong reputation with a number of IML systems in operation, and backed up by Tasmans service and support network.

TOOL-TEMP is Europe’s leading provider of industrial temperature control products and systems. As a specialist with over 40 years of experience in the field of Temperature Control Units and Water Chillers, TOOL-TEMP is a reliable partner for many companies in different industries such as Plastic, Die Casting, Chemicals, Food, Textile, Printing and Pharmaceutical. In addition we are also strong in supplying customized solutions.


Xaloy is regarded the global leader in high-performance plastics processing componentry across the plastics industry.
Xaloy is the OEM supplier supply of screws & barrels to many of the industry leaders. Whether you are needing simple like for like replacement, or needing an engineered solution to a processing problem, Xaloys experience is there for you.

Yushin are Japan and the worlds largest robot manufacturer, and are widely considered the innovator in high speed applications. In Australia & NZ, Tasman has supplied well over 250 Yushin robots to our customers, providing them with solutions to their production needs.


Yushin side entry robots are designed to sit alongside moulding machines in order to extract parts using the shortest possible stroke. Their lightweight, minimal construction make them ideally suited to packaging applications where parts are thinner and cycle times are extremely fast.

Because the whole mechanism resides at the side, there are no items above the mould where dust can cause problems. This makes side entry robots highly suited to clean room production lines for the medical and optical sectors, as well as being ideal for installations with low overhead clearance.


Yushin sprue pickers benefit from a simplified design compared to our other ranges which means they are nimble and very cost effective for the important task of removing waste material or small products from injection moulding machines.


Slide Products. Tool & Machine maintenance sprays and lubricants and Purging Compounds. Slide Product are developed for plastics processors and fabricators, mold and tool builders. Offering a full range of mold releases, anti-rust and mold protection sprays, Slide Products has forged a reputation for over 50 years of providing excellent solutions for their customers. Slide Products are recognized world-wide for Mould Releases, Lubricants, and Protective sprays.

Dri-Air Industries is the leader in compressed air and desiccant drying technology. Their plastics drying and loading systems offer you a full range of solutions for drying plastic resins, mixing, blending and conveying virgin, regrind and plastic colorants.Dri-Air offers a proven patented 4-bed desiccant dryer design for faster drying plastic pellets with no moving parts!

Virginio Nastri offer robust conveyors and automatic sorting systems, specifically designed and manufactured for plastics processing.  Built to withstand the robust environment of manufacturing sites, we have many Virginio conveyrs operating throughout Australia and NZ. Whether needing a customized solution or a more standard conveyor, or sirting system, Virginio Nastri has the expertise and experince to provide a solution to your needs.

Founded in 1994, Plastic Systems Srl has grown to become one of the worlds largest supplier of material handling and drying systems to the plastics industry. Plastic Systems offer single phase loaders through to centralized drying systems; stand alone desiccant dryers through to intergarted drying, crystalizing, and materail handling systems.

Van Dam is a world renowned leader & innovator in high quality dry offset printing machines and photographic IDF printing machines for rigid packaging. Van Dam's core values: quality, robustness and reliability stand for excellent customer service and the development of new technologies based on customer needs that result in higher production output and the best printing quality


Van Dam has developed a new decoration technology, a combination of two decoration principles Dry Offset and Flexo. This new technology, In-Direct Flexo (IDF), mixes the high speed of Dry Offset with the constant high printing quality and easy operations of Flexo. IDF offers easy operation, consistent high quality decoration and endless design possibilities.

The mission statement of Van Dam is to be the leading worldwide supplier of high quality printing equipment for shaped plastic packaging material. To be so, our people are innovative and customer focused and at their best when working in teams of solution-based cross functional teams. As a market-leader we intend to have a recognized difference with our competitors on quality and customer demands.

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SMARTFLOW ® products for the injection moulding industry. Smartflow products comprises a line of multi-port manifolds for water and non-aggressive liquid applications, flowmeters for monitoring flow, temperature, and pressure, and limit switches for ejector plate, slide retention, and core pull applications.

Recent product introductions include cooling efficiency aids such as the Delta-Q ® precision flow regulator & Tracer®vm electronic flowmeters. was launched in 2013 to allow customers access to 3D CAD information on Smartflow manifolds and custom assemblies. All Smartflow products are designed to help injection moulders save time and money through increased efficiency and moulded part quality.

Smartflow's product range includes:

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