Does investing in an all electric machine pay off

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag All-electric injection moulding machines are the acknowledged pioneer & world leader of all electric injection moulding machine technology.

Across Australia & New Zealand Sumitomo all electrics dominate the sector.

Never before has an all-electric injection moulding machine been more efficient, more precise and faster!

What advantages can you profit from when switching to an all-electric machine?




1. Optimum investment, faster ROI.

More than 30 years since the launch of Sumitomo’s first all electric series, the current generation IntElect series from Sumitomo (SHI) Demag is more technically mature and technologically superior than ever. An investment in an all-electric IntElect pays for itself on average after only 1.5 years - depending on the product and process, the payback period can be even shorter.



2. Shorter cycle times.

In contrast to its hydraulic counterpart, an all-electric IntElect can perform several tasks simultaneously in parallel operation. Highly dynamic drive motors ensure fast, precise movements. Switching times are in the low millisecond range due to our own advanced drive technology such as frequency converters, control modules and drive motors.



3. Maximum performance of the direct drives.

Highly dynamic movements not only help to shorten the cycle time, but are also responsible for increased product quality. Particularly for injection, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag's direct drives ensures the highest performance in terms of dynamics and precision. This combination is only possible because the drives are specially designed for use in injection moulding machines and are produced by the parent company Sumitomo in Japan. This core competence is a unique selling point across all injection moulding machine manufacturers.



4. Safety in quality.

Continuous production quality over the entire life cycle of the machine is another important advantage of the IntElect series. Any deviations in validated processes, which may occur due to wear of the hydraulic system, valves or changes in oil quality are excluded.



5. Tailored industry solutions.

Industry-specific equipment packages, for example for medical technology, liquid silicone moulding (LSR) or for multi-component technology, provide a perfectly equipped machine for specific applications. Our industry know-how also helps you to achieve optimum production conditions.



6. Less scrap.

Thanks to Sumitomo (SHI) Demag activeLock technology, the non-return valve of the IntElect series closes automatically after metering. This results in high process consistency and minimizes fluctuations in melt cushion and shot weight. Weight fluctuations can be defined down to a ten thousandth of a gram for critical precision application. The result: zero-defect production is within reach.



7. More efficient use of energy.

The specifically in-house developed drives of our all-electric injection moulding machines only consume electricity when necessary. In addition, the kinetic braking energy is recovered by means of recuperation technology. An IntElect 50 of the latest generation, for example, can achieve minimum energy consumption of down to 1.15 kW/h. This clearly beats even a standard kettle which uses 2.4 kW/h power consumption. Would you like to see for yourself? Have a look at our video >>



8. Low maintenance cost and less downtime

Compared to hydraulic machines, all-electric machines have less mechanical components that are subject to wear and tear. As neither oil nor hydraulic hoses have to be changed, maintenance costs can be up to 50% less. This also applies to downtime: Due to the significantly high reproducibility of the axis movements, unplanned machine downtime and production interruptions are a thing of the past.



9. Perfectly designed.

The fully electric IntElect is available in the clamping force range from 50 to 500 tons. Tie-bar spacing, mould height and opening stroke are optimized for larger moulds. The IntElect with its compact design is therefore particularly suitable for large multi-cavity molds.



10. Minimum operator intervention.

Once correctly set up, the IntElect runs autonomously and requires virtually no operator intervention. The high reproducibility of the drives in conjunction with a clear recording of measured values reduces start-up times and allows a fast and safe production start.

Are you wondering whether there’s an IntElect in the series to fit your application? See what additional advantages can you profit from.




Published By  Peter Gladigau

Peter Gladigau


Product Manager All Electric Injection Moulding Machines bei Sumitomo (SHI) Demag

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